Looking for some practical experience to go with all that legal knowledge?

We offer you:
• Real people with real problems
• One on one contact with clients
• Comprehensive training with the opportunity to develop practical legal interview skills
• Contact with experienced solicitors

You offer us:
• Your time
• Your knowledge

From third year and above law students may apply to volunteer with Community Law Canterbury (CLC). CLC provides legal advice, information, assistance, representation and education to over 18,000 people per year. Law students are pivotal to these services.

Initially, most law students work as caseworkers within the General Legal Advice Service. This involves providing advice to clients under the supervision of practitioners. CLC recruits volunteers for the General Advice Service in March and November. This is followed by an in-depth training course that each volunteer must complete.

Students may also volunteer to work for one of CLC’s specialist services, for example the employment, resource management, youth advocacy, or prison information services. Volunteering with any of CLC’s services can provide students with valuable practical experience and an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge.

A legal Telephone Information Service is also staffed by volunteers – preferably by those who have completed their degree and are awaiting employment, or are final year students. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please contact the Volunteer Co-ordinator – admin@canlaw.org.nz


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198 Montreal Street, Christchurch